THAIPUSAM - 03/02/2015
THIRUKALYANAM - 04/02/2015

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THAIPOOSAM - 03/02/2015

THIRUKALYANAM - 04/02/2015


Arulmigu Balamurugan with 
Golden Vel (Spear) and 
Golden Flag (Jayakodi)

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All are requested to maintain cleanliness in Pachaimalai. Whoever conducts private function atop the hill are asked to maintain the decorum by not shouting during Pooja time, not using cell phone while praying, not littering around the temple, not to use plastic in the temple premises, and not to light camphor in the temple.

Only Ghee lamps are accepted in the temple. Those who want to pray the different Sannidhis are requested to bring oil lamps instead of camphor. Let us do our bit to keep the temple premises clean.

Please do not use Cell phone inside the temple premises. Change your cell to silent mode before entering


 Thaara Abishekam (Tharabishekam)

 Tharaabishekam is performed to the main deity 
 with a small vessel hanging over the head of the 
 deity. Litres of milk is slowly poured (Abishekam
 performed) with Rudram recited for eleven times 
 for each refill.
 Cost for performing Tharabishekam at 
 Pachaimalai - Rs.7000. (includes 40 litres of 
 milk and other 
 items for abishekam) 

 Good Effects of Tharabishekam for the performer
 1. Removal of fear of death
 2. Reduction of Anxiety 
 3. Reduction of Anger
 4. Prosperous life
 5. Improvement in Business and Family affairs
 6. Effect of Rudram - All wishes answered

 Contact Dinesh Sivaacharyar for
 more details. Mobile: +919698235352

 Renovation Committee Contacts
 Murugaprabhu - +919659776622
Prof. Mayurappriyan - +919443092355
 Invitation to devotees to donate to the Tamilnadu Government - Annadhanam Programme. Devotees can 
 also join the multiple programmes like Pournami (Rs.150), Visakam (Rs.150), Pradosham (Rs.150), 
 Theipirai Ashtami Homam (Rs.100), Ammavasai (Rs.300), Sankatahara Chathurthi (Rs.150) held every 
 month. Devotees who join Pournami, Viasakam and Ammavasai would have the priviledge of having to 
 participate in Golden Chariot once in every year. Muruga Saranam!


 The temple is located in Gobichettipalayam, a quiet town in the Erode district.  Gobi, as it is 
 shortly called, has two hill temples - Pachaimalai and Pavalamalai. This is considered to be 
 a great reason to justify the town's ethics. Pachaimalai is also colloquially pronounced as 

 Arulmigu Balamurugan, the child god, son of Shiva Parvathi, the god of army, the teacher of all, 
 finds his place in this scenic hill temple. The Lord appears in a very beautiful form and it is very 
 difficult to take one's eye off.  
 The Poojai activities at Pachaimalai are renowned. The 'ArthaJama' poojai resembles the one at 
 Palani. Arulmigu Balamurugan takes the simplest form with white clothes sans his ornamental 
 jewels. This is the most peaceful scene, one can ever get in his life. 

 Though the temple is old, the structure has been built starting 1967. The most recent  'Swarna 
 Bandhana Kumbabishekam' was held in June 2006.
 Other deities residing in the temple are Vidya Ganapathi (form of common sense, quick wit 
 and knowledge), Maragadha Venkatesa Perumal, Maragatheeswarar, Maragatha Valli, 
  Guru Dhakshinamurthy, Kalyana  Subramanyar, Anjaneyar, Navagraham and Kala Bhairavar. Urchava 
 Murthys are Dhandayudhapani, Shanmugar, Subramanyar Pradhosha Moorthy and Aiyappar. Golden 
 Chariot and Golden Peacock mount have been donated by the public to the Almighty. A 
 wooden chariot  runs around the hill during Panguni Uthiram Chariot Festival. 

 The temple is renowned for the 'Vaasthu' poojai where people bring the first brick to perform 
 poojai at the Sannidhanam. 'Ayyappa Maalai' in Karthigai month is also started here. 
 Couples who are in need of children perform their Sashti fasting here. It is a belief that the 
 couple in fasting at Pachaimalai would get a child. Anyone who is not married pray 'Kalyana' 
 Subramanyar and Guru Dakshinamurthy for their requests to be answered.

Sathru Samhara Homam This Homam is performed to the Lord to remove the effects of activities which our enemies might perform against us. Black Magic, Dhristi, etc are some of the evil practises that the bad community resorts to. Effects of our ill practises (Paavam) also gets removed. Cost of Sathru Samhara Homam at Pachaimalai is Rs.14000

Contact Dinesh Sivaacharyar for more details. Mobile: +919698235352



 Golden Chariot runs in Pachaimalai every evening on Pournami (Sponsors:
 Pournami Girivalam Bhakthar Kuzhu), Kiruthigai (Palani Murugan Kiruthigai 
 Kuzhu), Ammavasai (Pachaimalai Murugan Bhakthar Kuzhu) and Sashti. It is 
 run on other days by reservation from devotees. 
 * There is Golden Chariot and Golden Peacock processions at Pachaimalai. People 
    who love to see the Lord on the chariot can book their slots with the temple authorities. 
 * Cost for one round of Golden Chariot for Lord Dhandapani - Rs.1500/- 
 * There is separate rate for those who wish to donate for Annadhanam along with golden chariot.
  This is entirely on the wishes and capacity of the devotee.

Lord Dhandapani in Golden Peacock


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